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  Nexgen Air Knife Drying System

Air Knife Drying System

Amsonic High Precision Cleaning Machine

Food Processing Machines

Litchi / Leechy Peeler

Cashew Processing Machine

Custard Apple Pulper

Vibratory feeder




Dofra Foodtech

Shrink Sleeves Insertion Machine & Shrink Tunnel

Personnel Hygiene Solutions

Drainage Systems for Food & Pharma Industries



       Shrink Sleeves Insertion Machines & Shrink Tunnel


From lines speed of 60 bpm - 1200 bpm



  1. The Special luxurious appearance of machine constructed by stainless steel. Comply with safety regulation. Single machine structure ensures convenient installation.
  2. Modular design for quick change over.
  3. All adjustable modular design by transmission type for easy operation and fast adjustment.
  4. Driver section uses accurate at gear wheel design for stable transmission speed. It could achieve the length of label } 1mm tolerance.
  5. Using supersonic sensor to induct sleeve and match up spring tension controller system.It will ensure feeding sleeve steady.
  6. The interface with large screen touch controller for user-friendly operation.
  7. Sleeve unwind section with up/down design for lightly change sleeve.



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