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Crate Washer Machine


Design Parameters
Crate Size 600 x 395 X 270mm and 600 X 395 X 200mm
Contamination details Vegetable Soil, Dirt and dust
Drying Efficiency Water carryover reduction of 80 –90%
Capacity of the Machine 800 – 900 crates / hr


NEXGEN CW 800 with the unique feature of Air Knife Drying System is the most advanced machine in this category
Water consumption is around 1 Liter per crate, because of special double filtering system and water recycling
Nozzles are arranged from all sides to have effective and best cleaning results and easy changing and cleaning
Both the zones are separated with neutral zone and PVC curtains
Flow control valve is used to adjust the Main Wash water flow
Water tank Volume is 450 Liter, Pump 11kW
Water intake with 1” piping is required to be provided to the Main Wash tank. The level in this tank is maintained by float valve
The crates are moving on the Link conveyor suitable for crate size
Tank, Body and Body cover - SS 304,All piping internal as well as external - SS 304
Body cover can be opened for effective access and maintenance of the spray nozzles
Spray pressure indicator for rinsing as well as high-pressure main wash
Control panel containing all electric equipment and relays mounted on the machine
Electrical Connections: Total Power Requirement = 22KW


Zone Description
I Loading Ramp
II Rinsing / Pre Wash
III Main Wash – High Pressure
IV Air Knife Drying
V Unloading Ramp


OVERALL DIMENSIONS : L = 5000 MM , W = 2000 MM , H = 2000 MM


Process Bath temperature (0C) Spray Pressure
Low Pressure Rinsing Normal 3
High Pressure Cleaning Normal 40 to 70
Air Knife Drying Air Blow 6 to 8 deg C above Ambient  


DRYING SYSTEM: AIR KNIFE DRYING : This is the most advanced feature of the Crate Washer. The Air Knifes will be incorporated into the chamber itself. The function of the Air Knife is to remove maximum water on the surface of the crates. Almost 80 to 90% of the water carryover can be reduced with the Air Knife Drying system.