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Corn, Raisins, Pomegranate Arils Washer



Capacity @ 300 - 400 kg per hour depending on product.
The product is dumped in to the washer where an air blower attached to the unit will agitate it and subsequently wash it by a strong water spray.

The product will be subjected to four stages of washing,
1. Soaking into the water.
2. Agitation in the water for removing the dirt adhering to the surface of the vegetables by air agitation.
3. Subjecting to strong water spray, for washing the vegetables and also assisting in pushing forward the vegetables into the washing conveyer.

The body of the unit is made of SS304 and the unit is complete with drive mechanism.
A Moulded belt takes off conveyor feeder with specially designed slats for conveying the vegetables and draining the water while conveying.
Fresh water sprays will be provided on the pick up conveyor to rinse the vegetables with fresh water.
Complete with geared motor, water jet pump, air blower and static water filtration system.
Provision to remove floating impurities will be incorporated in the machine.