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Benefits of Air Knife Drying System

Benefits of Air Knife Drying System
Savings in Energy Costs- Up to 90% possible when compared to compressed air costs. The use of compressed air for blow-off nozzles is the most inefficient process. Up to 90 % Pressure loss occurs when compressed air is supplied to blow off nozzles, which means that there is a huge energy loss
A high volume production line using 40 Hp worth of compressed air for water blow-off can be replaced by a 10 Hp drying system with better drying quality. This 30 Hp of energy savings is exclusive of the cost to run the refrigerated air dryers, oil separators and maintenance of the entire compressed air system
Clean, Oil free & Dry air- Air filtered blower inlets prevent particle contamination
Constant Pressure System- These systems supply air at a constant pressure, which gives a consistent and guaranteed drying quality
Use Of Natural Heat of Compression- There is a rise in temperature of @ 8 to 100C due to addition of natural heat of compression which helps improve the drying process.
Safety- Generates less than 0.25 Bar Pressure
Rapid start up- The air knife system can be operational within seconds
Rapid drying- Increase in Process line speeds results increase in Productivity
Flexibility- One blower can service several process lines. Where the lines will not be required to operate simultaneously, the blower size can be correspondingly reduced
Less Cost of Maintenance- Apart from the blower there are no moving parts. Maintenance is Minimum
Low Capital Cost with faster pay back period
Compact Design and Simple to Install- Saving in space upto 90% and this system can be easily adapted to the existing conveyor line.
Easy Adaptability- To wide applications and production rates with lowest power
Better product quality- Precise and Repeatable action
Effective drying of complex shapes


Air Knife Drying System
Water Blow - Off / moisture removal and Solids/Debris displacement in Cans, Meat / Fish / Poultry, Cheese loafs, Food moulds, Dairy Products, Belts cleaning, Trays / Totes / Crates, Pouches, Jars. Coating depth control and Confectionary Leveling on various foods like Glazing on donuts, Chocolate on ice cream bars, Chocolate on candy bars, Crumbs on coated foods, Coating on French fries, Fruits and Vegetables Drying prior to packaging, sorting.
Efficient removal of water based liquids used in Machining, Cleaning, Cooling, Painting and Plating for variety of components like Engine Blocks, Clutch Plates, Painted components, Chassis items, Transmission Housings, Engine components, Car Bodies, Headlamps, Wheels, Batteries, Interior components, radiators etc. Control depth of coatings on various items, for less waste and a better thickness. Dry plated parts after last water rinse, prior to removing from rack.
Efficient Removal of water based cleaning solutions in PC Boards, Hard Drive, Compact Discs, and Fiber Optic cables, Solar Panels, Cassette Carriers etc.
Contact lens pallets, I. V. Pouches, Lab Trays and Totes, Optical Components, Surgical Equipments.
Efficient Drying of Containers of Infant formula and Accelerated Drying of Mixing and Storage Tanks, Trays & Pallet Drying
Water Blow -Off / moisture removal on Can, Bottles and Jars, Aerosol Cans prior to Labeling, Ink Jet Coding. Dry packages after shrink wrapping, prior to labeling
Water Blow -Off and Debris removal in materials like Metal, Wood, Plastic, Glass etc and for various components like Wallboard, Extruded Vinyl, Lumber, Fiberglass, Roofing Materials, Floor Tiles, Windows / Doors Wire Mesh
Various applications like Plating, Annealing, Leveling. Roll coating, Roll Forming, Pickling, Shearing Punching, De-scaling, Polishing. Blows water off on continuous sheets and extrusions
Efficient Liquid Removal and Coating Thickness Control in various applications like Multi-Strand, Dust blow-off, Silkscreen products, Latex coating control
To eliminate water contamination in molding/bonding process in processes like Drying of Steel cord in multi- strand cleaning and plating processes. The products, which can be covered, are Extruded Slabs, Extruded Profiles, Cast Treads, Side Walls, Re-treading, Steel Cords
These high velocity air knives can be coupled with air ironizing bars for the static charge removal, prior to painting.