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  Nexgen Air Knife Drying System

Air Knife Drying System

Cashew Processing Machine

Food Processing Machines

Litchi / Leechy Peeler

Custard Apple Pulper

Vibratory feeder




Amsonic High Precision Cleaning Machine

Dofra Foodtech

Personnel Hygiene Solutions

Drainage Systems for Food & Pharma Industries

Green and Leafy Vegetable Cutter Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Vegetable Cutter For Roots
Vegetable Dicing Machine

Ginger /Carrot/Raw Mango


Ginger/Garlic Griding Machine
Corn Deseeder    

   Green and Leafy Vegetable Cutter


NEX VC 500 NEX VC 1000
 Capacity 300~500 kg/hr 500~1000 kg/hr
 Size of Product 1~60 mm 1~60 mm
 Machine Dimensions 750x500x1000 mm (L x W x H) 1020x768x1370 mm (L x W x H)
 Power 1.5 HP 3 HP

Shredding of Leafy vegetables like Coriander, Spinach, Methi, Cabbage & Linear Cutting of Beans, Green Chilly, Okara, Onion Leak & Pepper.

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